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Stand Up For Freedom

If our values fit yours, join us. With more than 250 members, Saddlebrooke Democratic Committee is one of the largest, most active Democratic clubs in southern Arizona.

Stand Up For Freedom

Enshrine reproductive rights

Support public education

Protect voting rights

Stop climate change

Safeguard healthcare programs

Enable prosperity for all

What Fundamental Freedoms

Do We Support?

Sign Abortion Access

On Tuesday, April 9, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled the 1864 territorial ban on abortions can be enforced, which criminalizes all abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest. Four justices voted in favor of the ban, two voted against, and one recused himself. 


What can we do?

  1. If you haven't already, please sign the petition. Just click on the graphic to the left to send us an email. 

  2. Continue collecting signatures for the AZ Abortion Access Act petition. We need a surplus of signatures to ensure qualification for the November ballot.              

  3. Write postcards to register new voters who will vote in favor of our abortion petition. Stay tuned to SBDC for more info.  Remember, you can write postcards from wherever you travel this summer.

We know the anti-abortion proponents are just getting started and this is just one of many assaults on our fundamental rights.  We must Stand Up for Freedom!

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The SaddleBrooke Democratic Club (SBDC) is an organization within our 55+ community below Southern Arizona’s beautiful Santa Catalina Mountain range just outside of Tucson. 

Our organization is open to anyone who supports the fundamental freedoms due to all Arizona residents. We strive to educate voters and elect candidates who stand up for freedom through our monthly meetings, bi-annual social events, and ongoing activities.

​​Stop Thinking Supply-side Economics WorkUnder Reagan, Bush, and Trump, giant tax cuts exploded the federal debt, fueled huge profits in the most prominent firms and financial institutions, and stoked a surge in billionaire wealth but did nothing for the average working personTrickledown economics has not worked for the vast majority of AmericansInvest in Higher-Paying JobsManufacturing construction in high-tech electronics quadrupled; tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure spending funneled to states’ road, water systems, and internet upgradesMore clean-energy manufacturing facilities were announced last year than in the previous seven combinedReduce Economic WorriesAccording to CNN, the US economy appears to enjoy a soft landing, which many argued was nearly impossible last yearInflation has cooled dramatically, unemployment remains low, and the Federal Reserve could deliver rate cuts as soon as March. Plus, US stocks ended 2023 with a bang

Kirsten Engel, CD6 Candidate, was a teriffic speaker at our Tuesday Feb 13, 3:30 pm monthly Club Meeting. Thank you Kirsten!

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