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What Fundamental Freedoms

Do We Support?

Enshrine reproductive rights.
Support public education.

Protect voting rights.

Stop climate change.

Safeguard healthcare programs.

Enable prosperity for all

If our values fit yours, Join Us. With more than 250 members, Saddlebrooke Democratic Committee is one of the largest, most active Democratic clubs in southern Arizona.

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Stand Up For Freedom

Take Action
Take Action

House Representative candidate Kevin Volk wants to Build an Arizona for everyone. He has dedicated his career to solving some of our most pressing challenges, like our housing affordability crisis. He’s ready to take his experience to the next level serving the people of LD17. Let's get him elected! Donate and volunteer.

John McLean - AZ Senate - LD17

Take Action
Take Action

I will bring sanity back to state government, restore funding and faith in the public schools, protect voting rights, permanently secure reproductive rights for women, and protect the environment for future generations.  I’m excited, committed, and grateful for your support. And working together, we can capture this race. We can capture the legislature. We can restore sanity to the state government.

Take Action
Take Action

Kisten ran in 2022 and lost by a very narrow margin to Republican Juan Ciscomani. This year, she is once again running effectively against him to represent us. Let's elect her! Kirsten is a mom, an environmental attorney, and a former State Legislator who has fought for years to restore funding to public schools, protect Arizona's natural resources, and make our communities safe. Donate and volunteer.

Take Action
Take Action

Patrick was recently a Deputy Chief with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and is a nationally recognized professional law enforcement executive, consultant, certified court mediator, national trainer, and public speaker with over 38 years of expertise. Let's elect Patrick! Donate and Volunteer.

Ruben Gallego - U.S. Senator

Take Action
Take Action

Ruben is the son of an immigrant mother from Colombia and an immigrant father from Mexico. Ruben deployed to Iraq in 2005 where his company saw some of the hardest fighting of the war. He was elected to the Arizona State House in 2010 and the U.S. House in 2014 where he has served as a voice for veterans and working families  Let's elect Ruben!!

Take Action
Take Action

We are ready to help Joe & Kamala finish the job we helped them start. We hope you’ll join us in supporting their reelection campaign: Joe and Kamala have made so much progress – we can’t let Republicans take us backward. Our democracy is on the line in this election. Let’s help Joe & Kamala finish the job! Donate and volunteer.

Meet Your Candidates

Click on the image to the right in order to sign all available candidate petitions in your legislative district. Don't know what district you are in? Click HERE.


Kirsten Engel, CD6 Candidate, was a teriffic speaker at our Tuesday Feb 13, 3:30 pm monthly Club Meeting. Thank you Kirsten!

Our Annual Gala Dinner / Fund Raiser featuring Secretary of State Adrian Fontes was a success! Thank you!




The SaddleBrooke Democratic Club (SBDC) is an organization within our 55+ community below Southern Arizona’s beautiful Santa Catalina Mountain range just outside of Tucson. 

Our organization is open to anyone who supports the fundamental freedoms due to all Arizona residents. We strive to educate voters and elect candidates who stand up for freedom through our monthly meetings, bi-annual social events, and ongoing activities.

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