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The SaddleBrooke Democratic Club Bylaws

Article I. Organization Name and Purpose

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be The SaddleBrooke Democratic Club, hereinafter referred to as the “Club.” 


Section 2: The general purpose of the Club shall be to promote the philosophy and policy of the Democratic Party and to help Arizona Democratic candidates get elected.

Section 1: “Members” shall have full voting privileges on matters brought before the Club. Membership in the Club shall be open to those who are registered as Democrats, Independents, or “Other” in any state or territory of the USA, and otherwise restricted only by SaddleBrooke HOA2 rules. Only members who are registered to vote in Arizona may serve as officers of the Club. Members registered in other states are encouraged to serve on committees, organize, and participate in activities.


Section 2: Eligible individuals, as defined in Article II, Section 1, become members by paying dues.


Section 3: Others who have the same goals and objectives of the Club may participate in Club activities but may not vote or serve as officers in the Club.

Article II. Membership 

Section 1: The officers of the Club shall be: Chair (or Co-Chairs, hereafter understood to be either and referred to as “Chair”), Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. 


Section 2: Officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term in an election which shall occur at the monthly meeting in March of odd-numbered years, beginning in 2025.


Section 3: Elected Officers, collectively, shall be referred to as the Executive Committee, and shall be members of the Steering Committee. 


Section 4: Duties of Officers: 

A. Chair.

The Chair shall be the official spokesperson for the Club. He/She shall preside at all official meetings of the Club, unless purposefully delegated to the Co-Chair or Vice-Chair. The Chair shall be the official representative of the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club at meetings of other Democratic organizations and clubs. He/She shall be an official signatory on all accounts of the Club. The Chairperson is an ex-officio member of all committees of the Club except the nomination committee. 


B. Vice Chair.

The Vice Chair shall, in the absence or inability of the Chair to serve, assume all of the duties of the Chair. When serving in the absence of the Chair, he/she shall be the “Chair” referred to in these by laws. He/She shall be responsible for presenting suggested changes of the By Laws to the Steering Committee (S.C.), and then to the general membership, as agreed by the S.C. The Vice Chair shall be responsible for publicizing Club events. 


C. Secretary.

The Secretary shall record and maintain the official minutes of all regular and special meetings of the Club, as well as Steering Committee meetings. The Secretary at each meeting shall be prepared to read or provide a copy of the minutes of the previous corresponding (S.C. minutes for S.C. meetings, and membership meetings for membership meetings) regular meeting and the minutes of any special meeting that may have been held since the last regular meeting. In the absence of the Secretary, the Chairperson shall appoint a temporary Secretary to make the official recording of the minutes. 


D. Treasurer.

   1) The Treasurer shall maintain account of all monies of the Club. For this purpose the treasurer shall, with the approval of the membership, open a checking account in an insured financial institution for the safe keeping of all Club funds. 

   2) The Treasurer shall be prepared to provide a report of the financial status of all Club accounts at each regular meeting and S.C. meeting of the Club. Said report shall be attached to and become part of the official minutes of the meeting. 

   3) The Treasurer shall not disburse any funds of the Club that have not been previously approved by the membership at a regular or special meeting or by the Steering Committee or its members, as called for in these By Laws. 

   4) The Treasurer shall file all papers and reports with the Secretary of State and the Federal Elections Commission required to be filed by the laws and rules of the State of Arizona and United States of America for Political Organizations.  


E. Ex-officio Chair.

The previous Club Chair shall serve on the S.C. for six months following his/her term as Chair, and be called the Ex-Officio Chair. This person shall provide continuity to Club activities during transition. 

Article III. Officers, Terms of Office, & Duties 

Section 1: Definitions. Standing Committees are committees that have a function that is ongoing. The initial Standing Committees are the Steering Committee, and Membership, Programs, Social, Communications, and Precinct Coordinating Committees. Special Committees may be established from time to time as needed by the Chair or the Steering Committee, but shall not be members of the Steering Committee. 


Section 2: Steering Committee. The Steering Committee (S.C.) shall be made up of the Executive Committee and the Chairs of the Standing Committees. 

A. The Steering Committee shall meet prior to each regular meeting of the Club at a time and location set by the Chair (including electronic meetings). 

B. The Steering Committee shall have the authority to approve the expenditure of funds of the Club not to exceed five hundred dollars ($750.00) between regular meetings of the Club. 

C. All formal actions of the Steering Committee must be reported to the membership at the next meeting. 

D. A quorum is required to conduct any official business. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of five members of the Steering Committee including at least three elected officers, one of whom must be the Chair or Vice Chair, if the Chair is unable to attend. 


Section 3: Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall design and implement a program to recruit members. The Membership Committee shall report periodically to the membership on the status of its efforts. 


Section 4: Programs Committee. The Programs Committee shall organize speakers, activities, and other events to activate, educate, and inform the membership pursuant to the General Purposes of the Club. The committee shall report periodically to the membership about future programs. 


Section 5: Social Committee. Socially interacting with each other is a necessary tool to build trust and confidence, provide enjoyment, and increase the membership. The Social Committee shall endeavor to facilitate that social interaction at Club meetings and/or special activities. 


Section 6: Communications Committee. The Communications Committee shall develop and implement the infrastructure necessary for the Club to communicate effectively with members, state, and county party organizations, other local clubs and organizations, and SaddleBrooke voters. 


Section 7: Precinct Coordinating Committee. The purpose of this committee is to build community, provide political information to voters, and to help people vote. Precinct Committeepersons shall automatically be members of this committee.


Section 8: The Chair, with majority approval of the Executive Committee, may appoint such other committees as are needed to effectively carry out the purpose and goals of the Club. 

Article IV. Standing & Special Committees 

Section 1: There shall be a regular schedule of meetings of the membership whether in-person or “virtually.” The time, place, and/or date may be changed if necessary, or cancelled if agreed by the S.C. and announced to the membership. 


Section 2: Special membership meetings may be called with a minimum notice to all Club members of at least ten (10) days by the Chair, by a quorum of the Steering Committee, or by a petition signed by a minimum of fifteen percent (15%) of the members of the Club. Any such meetings must be accessible by at least 50% of the membership, in-person or “virtually.”


Section 3: A quorum of 5% of the members, but not fewer than 15, shall be required to conduct any business, including elections and approval of disbursement of funds, at any regular or special meeting. Absent a quorum, the assembled members are entitled to meet as a committee of the whole and submit their recommendations to the Steering Committee for consideration and 

possible future action. 

Article V. Meetings 

Section 1: The Nominating and Election Committee (NEC).


A. The NEC’s purpose is to find and recommend members who are qualified and willing to be nominated for the officer positions, and conduct the elections at the appropriate March meeting, as stated in Article III, Section 2 of these Bylaws. No member of the Nominating and Election Committee may be recommended by that Committee for an elected position within the Club. 


B. NEC Members

The NEC shall consist of three Club Members. One shall be appointed by the Chair, one elected by the Steering Committee. The third shall be elected by majority vote of membership polled, with at least 50% of the membership being given an opportunity to vote, not later than November 30th, in even numbered years.


C. Recommendations

 The NEC shall present its recommended slate of officers at the February meeting following the committee’s formation, and the Corresponding Secretary shall publish that slate to the membership.


Section 2: Conduct of the Election of Officers.

A. Officer elections shall normally be during a regularly scheduled meeting in March of odd-numbered years (beginning in 2025), or by electronic means that is accessible by a minimum or 50% of the membership. Quorums and other voting rules shall apply.


B. Nominations from the Floor

Following the committee’s recommendations at said meeting, additional nominations shall be accepted from the floor. In the event a nominee is not present, the committee or the person making the nomination must present a signed letter of acceptance for the position he/she is being nominated for, or the person may not be considered for the position. 


C. Conduct of Elections

The NEC will conduct elections. Only Members of the Club whose dues are paid and current shall be allowed to vote. Elections will begin with the Chairperson position, followed, in order, by the Vice Chair, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. The person receiving the most votes, and at least a simple majority of those present (in-person or “virtually”), for each office shall be determined to be elected. No absentee ballots or proxies will be allowed. 


D. Assuming Duties

The newly elected officers shall assume their offices on April 1st of the odd-numbered year following their election. It is recognized that the treasurer may not be fully registered with the Secretary of State (AZSOS) by that time, but all other responsibilities shall transfer, and official assumption of responsibilities in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona shall occur as quickly as possible.


Section 3: Vacancies

If for any reason an elected officer position becomes vacant during their term of office, the vacancy shall be announced as soon as possible at a regular meeting of the Club. The position shall be filled by appointment by the Chair, with majority approval of the Steering Committee. 

Article VI. Election of Officers

Section 1: The finances of this organization shall be derived from annual dues, contributions, and monies raised through fund-raising events. 


Section 2: The periodic dues for Members and Associate Members of the Club may be set from time to time by the Steering Committee with majority approval of the membership in attendance, if there is at least a quorum, or any meeting held in accordance with these Bylaws. 

Article VII. Finances 

Section 1: Proposed amendments to these Bylaws may be introduced at any legitimate meeting of the Club. Proposed amendments shall be in written form or electronically written form. 


Section 2: Final vote on any proposed amendments may be deferred by a majority vote of the membership recommending said amendment(s) be referred to the Steering Committee for review. The Steering Committee shall review such proposed amendment(s) for structure, continuity, and impact to the existing Bylaws. The Steering Committee shall give a report to the membership, along with its recommendation, within 45 days of such referral.


Section 3: Changes to these Bylaws shall require a majority vote of the members in attendance at a meeting held in accordance with Article V of these Bylaws. 

Article VIII. Amendments 
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