Will Trump move the American Embassy to Jerusalem?

It seems that the cultural and political divide in Israel is as wide and entrenched as the divide in the US that resulted in a closely contested election for a president-elect who has played hard to the right in US – Israeli relations.  This divide has most recently played out in a UN Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank where the US abstained.  This resulted in the denigration of  the US position as articulated by Secretary of State John Kerry by conservative politicians and pundits.

It is clear that there will continue to be diverse and conflicting views on US – Israeli relations, and these diverse views are even present within Trump’s proposed cabinet. How this plays out will be signaled by how quickly Trump embraces moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  My guess it that it won’t happen, but like the beautiful wall Trump has promised his most ardent supporters, only time will tell.  I would recommend reading a very interesting assessment by Bernard Avishai in the NYT of the current political divide in Israel and its repercussions in the US.

It seems many nations are facing the same internal political conflict –  entrenched positions leading to strident and contentious debate arising from entirely different world views, liberal and conservative, left and right.