O’Halleran and Babeu have a televised debate

Tom O’Halleran and Paul Babeu differed on tax policy in a televised debate organized and broadcast by the Phoenix PBS station.  O’Halleran, a former Republican state senator,  defended his record of supporting child welfare and education during his years in the Arizona legislature.  O’Halleran is now running as a Democrat for Ann Kirkpatrick’s seat in Congress.  Paul Babeu, the Republican candidate and former Pinal County sheriff espouses trickle down economics, relying on personal and corporate tax cuts to stimulate the economy.

O’Halleran supports investment in infrastructure, security,  and education.  Babeu voiced concern over the word “invest” as more of the same policies of the past.  Babeu’s political success will largely hinge on how much of his disturbing personal history becomes common knowledge among First Congressional district voters.  I suspect many Republicans will vote for him purely based on party affiliation unaware of serious character issues that have been well documented in recent articles by the Washington Post and more extensively by Blog for Arizona.