Looking forward to becoming the loyal opposition

It took me almost a month to finally come to a new place in my thought, mood and vision for the next four years.  There may be a few things that will happen that we can cheer.  DJT seems to be taking a second look at some issues such as tarifs, climate change, the Iran nuclear agreement.  We can hope that similar moderation will happen with other issues.  Health care is perhaps most worrisome, but the complexity of repeal and replace will stall any action for months if not longer. The potential appointment of Ben Carson to head HUD is mind-boggling.  That could only be superseded by Rudy Giuliani being served up for Secretary of State. Except for Tom O’Halleran’s election to CD 1, there isn’t too much to cheer about in AZ.

Now I’m resolved to becoming an active participant and member of the loyal opposition.  I hope you feel inclined to join me.  We have to hang in there. For the next few years that is what the Democratic party is called to do.  We have to get back to the ground game and the grass roots. Hopefully we can convince so many middle class folks frustrated with stagnant wages and declining self-esteem that we want what they want, and have been striving on their behalf since FDR and the New Deal.