How to Elect Corin Hammond

Arizona’s Legislative District 11 has two representative seats for the Arizona Legislature to be elected this fall. The seats are currently held by Republicans Vince Leach and Mark Finchem, who are both seeking re-lection. They oppose any common sense restrictions on gun ownership. They want to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and voted to cloak campaign contributions referred to as “dark money” from their constituents, from the citizens they represent. Last May they both voted against KidsCare, a children’s health insurance program, paid for by Federal funds, meant to provide healthcare to children in low income families. Fortunately, the KidsKare program was passed and signed by the Governor in spite of Leach and Finchem who, of course, claim to support children and families.

We have one outstanding Democratic candidate running against them, Corin Hammond.  As Democrats, we must use our votes to most effectively support her candidacy. Each voter is  allowed to vote for only two of the three candidates. However, because Hammond is the only Democrat running in LD 11, every vote for either of the Republican candidates dilutes support for Hammond.
The most effective and strategic way for Democrats to support our single Democratic candidate for LD 11 representative is to vote for only one candidate, Corin Hammond, and to withhold votes for either Republican candidate.