HB 2369 Proposal to Eliminate the AZ State Parks Board

There is an interesting editorial in the Arizona Daily Star regarding HB2369 which would eliminate the AZ State Parks Board and replace it with an appointed Director.  The primary sponsor of this legislation is TJ Shopes of LD 8.

These are the statutory responsibilities of the State Parks Board: “The Purpose of the ASPB is to select, acquire, preserve, establish and maintain areas of natural features, scenic beauty, historical and scientific interest, and zoos and gardens, for the pleasure, recreation and health of the people.”

There is nothing in the text of the bill that I can find that would justify eliminating this board, or the diverse input of citizens in the administration of such a valuable resource. There is also risk of abuse if decisions, made by a Director, are not subject to discussion and review by interested, involved and knowledgable citizens serving on the State Parks Board.  Please read the editorial, review the bill, and see if this smells fishy to you! If so, make your voice heard by contacting our Representatives for LD 11, Mark Finchem and Vince Leach.