Comey and Putin have both put their thumb on the scale

Today’s announcement that the email issue involving Anthony Weiner’s laptop has been put to rest by the current Director of the FBI, James Comey, has come too late, and damaged his reputation.  The FBI has not been much of a player in election politics since the Hoover era, and should not have been involved in independent releases of information short of an indictment.

A bigger issue for our democratic processes is the intervention of foreign governments hoping to tip the scales in ways that suit their geopolitical interests.  It is pretty clear that Russia was involved in the hacking of the DNC as well as private email accounts of John Podesta and Colin Powell.  How hacking of sensitive sites and release of information plays into future elections will become an important issue for our legislators, and in particular, the National Security Agency and Department of Defense.

In the end, all we can do is try to put forward the best Democratic candidates we can find, support policies that best serve the majority of the American people, and work tirelessly for fair and free elections.