Coal Jobs Aren’t Coming Back

There was a very interesting article in the WSJ. I’m not a regular reader of the WSJ, but picked up a complimentary copy in the hotel this morning.  It is written by William A. Galston and titled, “Hard Truths for Trump’s American.

“If there is a “war on coal,” as Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell allege, it has been under way for a very long time. In Mr. McConnell’s home state of Kentucky, coal mine employment peaked at 75,633 in 1948. It fell by two-thirds to about 25,000 in the late 1960s…”

Basically the coal business was dying decades ago, long before the EPA, and there is absolutely no chance that it will be revived, in spite of the fact that the Donald has pledged to bring back coal jobs to Appalachia.  Anyone with a fragment of knowledge about the economics of coal mining and the plentitude of cheap natural gas will tell you those jobs are never coming back. Trump will carry the votes in those mining communities by double digits. Hillary told those same people that those jobs were not coming back and offered to focus on providing education and retraining.  It is sad when people are so easily taken in,  will vote against their own best interests, and support someone with no plan for their welfare, and only an empty promise that will be all to soon forgotten.