(updated, Oct 4th, 9:40 am))

Well, the AZ Legislature adjourned for the year, and gave Gov. Ducey pretty much everything he wanted, and more!  It was one of the more sickening sessions in the nine years that we’ve lived in Arizona.

Read Sen. Steve Farley’s wrap-up — Here.
Farley Report on the AZ Budget, Tues, May 2, 2017 
Action Alert from AZ School Boards Association, May 2, 2017

State Legislature:  

 The SBDems are concentrating on two Issues at the State level, Education and Voting/Civil Rights.  Right now, our LD 11 Legislator, Vince Leach, is particularly egregious on voting rights/elections and people’s initiatives.  




Anti-vouchers Talking Point–From Group Exercise


 Good little summary video about school funding in Arizona



Voting Rights/Voters’ Rights

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