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The Arizona We Bought–Presented by Luis Heredia

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Communications Workers of America–Help Them Stand up for Their Workers’ Rights!

Stand with our labor unions!  Will you picket with them Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, May 19-21st?  Read details here.

They are planning for a potential “strike” (very short term) if their demands to AT&T are not met.  You know, simple stuff like a decent living wage, outsourced calls must be returned to in-house call centers,  favorable absence and attendance policy  (AT&T wants to add “wait days” before workers can be paid when they call in sick. They also want to drastically reduce sick days for new employees.)


Join the Arizona Democrats’ Rapid Response team, and get emails about what’s happening and what you can do and say to resist and restore reason.
Writing Exercise–SBDC Apr 11 (Click, then Click tiny version, and it will open full sized)

State Legislature





Presidential Budget.  Write your Congressional Rep.  Write your Senators.  Write Speaker Ryan.  Write Sen. McConnell.

  • Killing the EPA kills everything!
  • De-funding Planned Parenthood only causes more unwanted pregnancies.
  • Pres. T spends more in a year to provide security to his family in NYC, than what he wants to cut from National Public Radio and Endowment for the Arts. So, that’s where he’s going to pay for his jet-setting ways!
  • Cutting diplomacy, i.e., the State Dept., ultimately causes misunderstandings that could lead to more world conflict.
  • Increasing defense spending is corporate welfare, and the “trickle down” is exactly that–a TRICKLE!


H.B. 610 – This bill repeals the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and limits the authority of the Department of Education (ED) such that ED is authorized only to award block grants to qualified states.  (I.e., virtually eliminates Fed funding for all categories of educational assistance except as block grants to states that have vouchered education.)


SBDem Request to Speak Form  (click; click on image; print) Fill it Out.  Mail, email (chair@saddlebrookedemocrats.org), or deliver to Hollace Lyon (in the SaddleBrooke phone book.)   Or, just send the info to chair@saddlebrookedemocrats.org, and we’ll put it in at the Legislature in Phoenix.

We will sign you up at the AZ Capital, and you can comment on legislation scheduled for committee.

Request to Speak Video.           Put together by Arizona School Boards Association, this video will show/remind you how to use the RTS system.  (The first 7 minutes or so are not specific about the RTS, so just skip  past them.). You’ll have to enter your email in order to view, but it’s very useful.