Officers & Committees

The SaddleBrooke Democratic Club elects a slate of officers for a two-year term each January of odd-numbered years. The Club elects a Chairman or Chairwoman, a Vice-Chair, two Secretaries and a Treasurer.  In addition, we have a Steering Committee consisting of the officers and the chairs of the various active committees. Since Club Officers have repeatedly received nasty emails from local Republicans we have elected to remove email links from this page except for one link which has spam control.

The following people are currently officers of the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club.

  • Chairman: Holly Lyon
  • Vice-chairman:  Tim Koch
  • Treasurer: Sue Ayers
  • Secretary: Rollie Prager

The following people are chairs of active committees.  If you would like to participate on one of these, please contact the chairperson and volunteers.

  • Jan Eder:  Social Committee
  • Carolyn Badger:   Community Organizing
  • Pat Alcivar:  Co-Chairs Membership Committee

The following committee chair positions are currently vacant.  We are looking for energetic, knowledgeable people to both run these committees and to be on them.

  • Programs Committee
  • Education
  • Campaigns Coordination