Welcome to the SaddleBrooke Democratic Club

One of the largest Democratic clubs in Arizona with almost 300 members.  You found our web site.  We are also on Facebook and Twitter (@SBDemClub).  Like us.  Join us.  Take action to hold onto our civil rights, at all levels.


We meet the second Tuesday of the month, 3:30 P.M. at the HOA 1 Activity Center, 64518 Galveston Lane (off Ridgeview), Tucson, AZ. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day).

Valentines Day with ASBA

Executive Director of the Arizona School Boards Association (www.AzSBA.org), Tim Ogle, PhD., talked about how ASBA is organized, and how its funding and status make it uniquely independent from many other advocacy organizations that work with Legislators, citizens, and corporations. Dr. Ogle spoke about the evolution of parts of the funding “spaghetti” that fund commercial schools, parochial schools, and public education in Arizona.  Finally, he answered questions for over 30 minutes.

By the end of the Valentines Day meeting, the packed house at the Activity Center was well informed about the realities of how the AZ Legislature, now in concert with SecEd DeVos, and ALEC, are working to voucherize education, with Arizona being one of their favorite laboratories.  See our Action Center tab to understand more.  Go to this blog to get even more in-depth understanding or the state of education in Arizona, and where our new SecEd would like to the country.

FYI: ASBA Lobby Day is March 6th.  Want to go to the Legislature and talk to your representatives, watch the House and Senate in session?  Contact: chair@saddlebrookedemocrats.org

You’re Doing Great Things!

I get emails, text messages, and phone calls all the time from people telling me what actions they’ve taken to disrupt and resist the new Administration and our State Legislature.  There are lots of you out there quietly taking action after action.

Don’t lose focus.  Pace yourself.  But don’t follow “the shiny object” they are waving in front of you.  We will help you keep the focus on the right places.  Visit our Action Center page.  See how to contact your State Legislators on our Links You Can Use page.



 How Europe Sees the U.S. Now?

Welcome to our New Officers

The following candidates were elected for two year terms  beginning January 2017  at our December meeting:

Chairman: Holly Lyon
Vice-chairman:  Tim Koch
Treasurer: Sue Ayers
Secretary: Rollie Prager

INDIVISIBLE: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda

This publication, written by experienced staff working in Congress, is a practical guide for groups to influence the particular member of Congress in their own district.  The strategy and tactics were those used by the Tea Party, and serve as a primer for effective action.